Broadband Properties Article on UTOPIA

Broadband Properties Magazine has published an article on UTOPIA and the challenges it has faced. (Media whoring alert: I’m quoted in it several times and FreeUTOPIA is mentioned.) I’d recommend giving it a read (PDF).

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2 Responses to Broadband Properties Article on UTOPIA

  1. Capt. Video says:

    Pretty good story. Just a few minor mistakes.

    They seem to hint that the triple play (including video) might be important and the UTOPIA might be a little tight with information.

    Themes I have hit on in the past.

    Interesting that Todd Marriott would not identify the enterprises he has been involved in…I find that unusual?

    He did mention that their horizon is 30 years, long term thinking and planing is what they need. But they appear to be in a situation where unless they can show some significant progress toward a goal in the short term, they may not have the opportunity to know what will happen in the long term.

    Sadly, there was no analysis of the numbers or even a suggestion that this could be a concern. The subscribers, revenues, operating costs and bond payments. Instead they talk about people working for free or how the Utah Law that stops UTOPIA from being the service provider hurts them.

    This is something UTOPIA fully supported when it was passed. iProvo wanted the ability to offer services itself, UTOPIA never wanted that, and was fine with the limitation of the law.

  2. Jesse says:

    “Interesting that Todd Marriott would not identify the enterprises he has been involved in…I find that unusual?”

    You’re not the only one. All I’ve ever been able to find on him is that he was an officer for CityLink Communications of Fruit Heights and played football for a year while attending BYU.

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