BREAKING: Murray says no on Milestone Two by a unanimous vote

Murray logoMurray joins Payson and Lindon in declining to move forward with the proposal from Macquarie. The council voted unanimously to pass despite not really having any other workable options on the table. Of course, they’re now in a heck of a pickle: Murray has attracted numerous businesses to the city (including a new location of the Moran Eye Center) with UTOPIA, but they’re running the risk of the network going dark if they won’t cover any operational shortfalls.

Centerville is also taking a vote tonight in a special council meeting. I’ll post when I have results from there.

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2 Responses to BREAKING: Murray says no on Milestone Two by a unanimous vote

  1. Brian says:

    I’m curious if Murray plans to finish building out the network. Couldn’t the city implement the proposed utility fee for the duration of the build out and build it themselves?

  2. Mike says:

    I thought they weren’t voting on it until their meeting on the 1st. That’s disappointing.

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