First FreeUTOPIA Podcast This Saturday

The first FreeUTOPIA podcast will be recorded live this Saturday Feburary 14 at 1:30PM. You can listen in using Teamspeak and we may even take some “callers”. The conversation will be moderated, but Teamspeak does support text chat. To join in, connect to and join the Podcast channel.

If you can questions you’d like me to ask during the podcast or topics you’d like us to discuss, post them in the comments or use Twitter with the #freeutopia hashtag.

Coming Soon: The FreeUTOPIA Podcast

It’s time to take to the digital “airwaves” here at FreeUTOPIA. The other night, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run a regular podcast to highlight service providers, talk about UTOPIA and discuss the state of telecommunictions in general. I’m working on lining up a guest for February and have one lined up for March.

When looking around for the best way to do it, I found that, of all things, TeamSpeak is a pretty darn good platform. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it supports recording and moderation, plus there’s a text chat feature. Listeners can ask questions in text chat or even be given temporary speaking privileges to ask questions just like a caller to a radio show.

If you have a show or guest idea (or would like to be a guest yourself), send me an e-mail or use the #freeutopia tag on Twitter.