Utah Taxpayers Association Opposes Municipal Fiber

They've just posted a heap of criticism for the iProvo project and don't mind taking a few swipes at UTOPIA either. Most of this diatribe is little more than declaring things to be fact with zero citation and I've been taking them to task on it. Why don't you go on over and join the fray?

(Utah Taxpayer: iProvo, the rest of the story

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2 Responses to Utah Taxpayers Association Opposes Municipal Fiber

  1. Andrea says:

    Are you saying that iProvo hasn't lost $1 million and $2 million in years 1 and 2? Haven't the newspaper reports substantiated this? I have to agree with them 100% on the tax equity issue however. Their response to the airport analogy is a good one. I never did like the airport comparison.

  2. Jesse says:

    There's no dispute over the amount of money that iProvo has lost. The core of the dispute is the portrayal of the incumbents as being picked on or disadvantaged when they are repeatedly violated their agreements with cities, counties, states and the federal government. One can only break their promises for so long before they get what's coming to them.

    I've explained all this in great detail in the comments on that linked post. Note that the Utah Taxpayers Association will not and cannot address any of those concerns. Not a one.

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