Will Qwest Sue iProvo?

Though the threat stemming from last year's loan never materialized, there's concern that Qwest could sue Provo over the proposed loan of $1M to cover bond expenses. It all depends on where the proposed $1M loan comes from. If it's another loan from the city's electric department, it would likely not be challenged. A payment from the general fund, however, could end up being settled in court. While the city attorney thinks that such a deal is legally defensible, Mayor Billings would rather not go through the hassle.

Some good news in the tussle is that at least four companies have made proposals to start being service providers on iProvo's network and could each bring 500-1000 customers instantly as well as push MStar and Veracity to improve their customer service levels. The network will also be receiving payments from other city departments that use the network in their own offices, defraying many costs associated with its operation.

(See full article here.)

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