iProvo: Does Councilman George Stewart Have a Conflict of Interest?

It's no secret that Provo City Councilman George Stewart has been a rather outspoken opponent of iProvo. The former mayor has given Mayor Lewis Billings one heck of a fight over the system and it's financing by the city. However, an anonymous commenter on a recent story at the Deseret Morning News gives his tenacity a new dimension.

MStarInsider | 10:47 a.m. Dec. 5, 2007
It’s too bad that the Associated Press and Deseret Morning News continue to fail to report that Councilman George Stewart’s namesake and firstborn son – George Stewart Jr. is Eschelon/Integra’s Senior Account Manager for the Wasatch Front here in Utah, and Junior would have every reason to hope for the failure of both iProvo and UTOPIA.

I wonder if there is a small conflict of interest in Councilman Stewart’s continued pointed pessimistic attacks on iProvo – though he should represent the interest of the City of Provo without bias.

(source, scroll down near the bottom)

A quick search of LinkedIn, the popular business social networking site, does show a George Stewart working as a Senior Communications Specialist for Eschelon (link to public profile, login to view the full profile with company name). If the George Stewart I see on LinkedIn is the same as the Councilman's son, it would seem that some explanations are in order. At the very least, Councilman Stewart needs to fully disclose this relationship to the telecommunications industry before uttering another peep about iProvo.

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