UTOPIA Unveils the new Financial Model

After months of working with PacketFront, the company that acquired DynamicCity, UTOPIA has pulled back the curtain on their new plan and model. They plan to re-bond for a longer term (32 years instead of 20 years) with a lower interest rate, adding about $20M in cash to their reserves. This will also improve the cash flow since the bond payments will be lowered. In this environment of deflated interest rates, it made sense to lock in that lower rate.

The real challenge starts now: UTOPIA will have to convince the city councils of current pledging member cities to extend their sales tax guarantees that backed the original bonds. The upshot is that the amount of the guarantee will stay the same, but spread over a longer period. Provided this happens, the new bonding will be in place by mid-May so that construction can pick up again. If you live in a member city, it's absolutely critical that you write your mayor and city council to let them know that you support this change. Since the feds have presumably still not cut the checks on the RUS money they approved nearly two years ago, the funding infusion will be necessary to keep things moving.

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