UTOPIA Update Planned in Centerville

The City of Centerville has posted a memo on their website that they expect an update from UTOPIA Executive Director Todd Marriot at the city council meeting on November 5. Council meetings are typically held at 7PM in the city council chambers at 250 N Main St. Anyone looking to glean some more information on what UTOPIA is up to should be at this meeting.

(And UTOPIA guys? Hook me up with your meeting schedule so that curious supporters like me know in advance. I stumbled across this while looking for something unrelated. Seriously.)

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2 Responses to UTOPIA Update Planned in Centerville

  1. Edward Hunter says:

    I am writing this message to try to determine what is the status of Utopia in Centerville, Ut. Who do I need to contact to voice my opinion? Please let me know what I can do to help facilitate this process.

    Edward Hunter

  2. Jesse says:

    Per the minutes from the January 5, 2010 city council meeting, the city is considering forming a Special Assessment Area like Brigham City did. They’re currently waiting for more information before taking any official action.

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