FuzeCore Announced as a New Service Provider

Talk about out of the loop… I found out today that FuzeCore has become a new provider on the UTOPIA network. Their website indicates that they are a triple-play provider, though they plan to only offer voice and data for now. Unfortunately, the pricing looks out-of-sync with the pricing from other providers. Anyone know any more details?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh. With a ‘Z’.

  2. Capt. Video says:

    The press release says, “UTOPIA is the only network in Utah that connects customers’ homes and businesses directly to fiber-optic lines with no copper or wireless connections.”

    I guess they never heard of Broadweave or other FTTH providers in Utah??? How would UTOPIA allow that mistake in a press release?

    It looks like there serve businesses, wireless and DSL (via Qwest)as well as wireless in Idaho?

    Their pricing is at or above Comcast data prices with slower speeds? They will charge $94 for the $39 offering from existing UTOPIA providers? I suspect they will make little difference in the UTOPIA subscriber numbers.

    Looks like they are counting on using the “new” UTOPIA video solution as XMission likely is?

    Now what would make them a good find for the network? What am I missing?

  3. Jesse says:

    I noticed that error too. Sounds like someone’s PR fluffing got ahead of them.

    The pricing concerns me. If they’re used to charging those kinds of rates, I’d have to wonder if they would cut pricing to be on par with the existing providers. Of course, we also don’t know what kind of new rate structures UTOPIA is working on the wholesale side.

    It’s a Good Thing(TM) that they have a few years of experience under their belt and with fiber networks, but they are relatively new in the field. I’ll call it a mixed bag right now until they have some customers on UTOPIA.

  4. I wouldn’t say that at XMission we’re counting on the “new” UTOPIA video solution, although we’re curious to see what it turns out to be. But in the meantime we are researching at least two other possibilities as well.

    That shouldn’t be taken as a commitment to video service. We’ve been selective for a reason, and intend to remain so. If its good and makes financial sense, we would be happy to offer it.

    BTW, we met with Fuzecore people last Spring, and they left a great impression. We’re pleased to see talented providers joining UTOPIA.

  5. Capt. Video says:

    I should not have assumed that was the solution you were planning to use. (I did say “likely use”. I respect XMissions operation and selective, careful movement into different services.

    I have spoken to many companies about video over the years and XMission was careful and knowledgable enough to know that while it may be good to offer the triple play, it would not be cheap or EASY. Too many thought of video as just more data and underestimated the complexity of the service and the heave usage and strong feeling people have about their video service. The avg. home watches something like 7 plus hours of video a day, compared to only minutes of phone usage.

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