Rumor: Broadweave Defaulting on iProvo?

Sounds like the iProvo troubles are about to get bigger. According to a Nuvont installer who would like to remain nameless, Broadweave has defaulted and could likely be returning the network to the city in very short order. Nuvont is also trying to switch video customers from iProvo to Dish Network, presumably in preparation for serious network troubles. This could very well mean the end of both Broadweave and Mayor Billings’ political future.

Anyone else out there heard about this?

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3 Responses to Rumor: Broadweave Defaulting on iProvo?

  1. Ben Saunders says:

    I suppose we all know that they have in effect defaulted by missing the November payment and now are expected to miss the December payment. But based upon them being allowed to use the $6 million support/surety money they may technically have not defaulted. However I suspect the support money gurantee backers will not allow this kind of shenanigans and the default will start there. How would you like to be pulling a quarter of a million dollars a month out of your pocket since Broadweave cannot get it together. Then you hear that they have not even kept track of the customers and don’t even bill some.
    I am betting that the Nuvont guy is right, it’s just a question when.

  2. Rocky says:

    Maybe the Nuvont installer is down at the bottom and only hears a whisper of whats really going on and fills in the gap with his imagination. Truth is Nuvont has been operating with out a video license for years and riding on the coat tail of Provo. So maybe Broadweave is weaning the sucklings off and making the 180° and doing things legal. I wouldn’t be quick to form a opinion on an installers info who has no idea of whats really going on.

  3. Mike says:

    Good point Rocky, but also, I have to admit, usually it’s the installers that get the hint of change first. Like when Mstar tried to piggy back their phone services off of their internet port to reduce transportation cost to Provo. Legal or not, the installers were the first to know, and when Broadweave took over, it was impossible for them to see the external telephone adapter behind those switches. The installers from Mstar are the ones who tipped Broadweave off to that disaster and saved Broadweave a lot of heartache.

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