Putting the Watchdog on a Leash

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Utah “Taxpayers” Association. Their frequent stretching of the truth and cowardly dodges of criticism sometimes make my blood boil. Apparently I’m not alone. A reader pointed out a new blog, Stop UTA, that’s going to be a watchdog on their activities and point out their lies and hypocrisy. I’m looking forward to more voices taking them on.

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  1. Dan L says:

    I’ve heard a rumor that Howard Stephenson is a closet lobbyist for Qwest. That he believes
    private sector firms should be the only paid
    providers of utility services. So, using that premise, why does Salt Lake City “own” the Airport?? Why shouldn’t it be run by a private firm? Why does the State “own” the State Highways or I-15?? Why shouldn’t they
    be run by private companies?? For that matter,
    why do we have a State Department of Public Safety?? Why shouldn’t it be a Private company. Maybe Howard could put all of them on a private “bid list” that way the citizens of Utah could benefit from the highest bidder on all private contracts?

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