1Wire Goes Residential with SumoFiber

UTOPIA has added a new residential provider to the network via existing commercial provider 1Wire. SumoFiber will be offering 50M/50M, 100M/100M, and 1G/1G Internet and unlimited phone. Given the prices, I assume they are before the UIA costs are added in, but it’s still pretty competitive.

The good news about this addition is that it’s coming from a company with a performance record. UTOPIA has increased standards significantly for new and existing providers to try and prevent the kinds of problems we saw with Mstar and their resulting trail of wreckage. If anyone signs up for service, let us know how they do.

(Thanks to reader David for pointing out the addition.)

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18 Responses to 1Wire Goes Residential with SumoFiber

  1. u235sentinel says:

    Definitely a good sign to have more providers signing up. Now if we could only get West Jordan to wake up šŸ™‚

    The city council has stated even recently they are waiting to see what happens with Utopia. Lovely.

    CenturyLink/Qwest btw isn’t bad. At least after 4 years of 1.5 Meg DSL now we’re cooking with 12 meg VDSL2. They pulled so much fiber around here it’s not even funny. BTW, it’s very stable 12 meg down 896k up. They are talking about 1 meg and 2 meg up offerings next year.

    Still it’s nothing compared to Utopia.

    I guess we’ll have to move to Riverton or something šŸ™‚

    • Jesse says:

      At the last UTOPIA board meeting, they reported being 10% over goal for the year so far. If those results keep up, that should be all the evidence that cities need to see that the new UIA model works successfully.

    • They are waiting to see what happens with Utopia???

      Its BEEN happening. Iv enjoyed 5-6 years of uninterrupted Fiber output. Once Mstar kicked me to the curb (thankfully) and I went with XMission, I cannot compare ANY OTHER entity I deal with to the level of customer service they provide. Not only that, their speed has been CONSTANT, not burst technology, and the connection more RELIABLE than my phone service(Century Link).

  2. u235sentinel says:

    That is good news. Hopefully they will continue to at least hit their goals. Then perhaps more cities will realize it is viable and NOT another iProvo (as they love to suggest over and over to me)

    • Tell anyone bringing up iProvo to check out XMission, and other ongoing Utopia providers, if they want to get the REAL picture. And to understand what Fiber is all about. I enjoy the knowldge of XMission reps vs the untrained reps of cable as well, just for basic information.

      • Corey says:

        Don’t ever go with any phone company from Provo on the utopia network bunch of crooks. I have a story about them but don’t get me started bunch of jerks out their.

  3. Alex G says:

    They actually have goals??? where can I see/read those goals

    • Jesse says:

      UTOPIA is unfortunately clandestine with their details, but you can get at least a high-level overview if you setup a time to go down to their office to discuss it. The general plan is to beat operating expenses this year with money for bond repayment being available by Year 5.

  4. James says:

    use promo code “facebook” when signing up for 100meg service.

  5. We’re happy to have more providers on the UTOPIA network and wish them all the best (a successful UTOPIA is good for everyone, we believe).

    But I should point out that they have jumped the gun a bit, and that gigabit fiber is not yet available to residential subscribers.

    Hopefully that wait won’t be too long. It is in active development. I can say that we at XMission are looking forward to offering it to our residential subscribers as well.

  6. WOW!!! I thought I was the only MStar victim. Good to know I wasnt just being ‘picky’ as MStart stated when they nullified their agrrement with me, as they could not provide reliable service. Been with XMission since WITH NO COMPLAINT. Its been wierd when I call into them with mainly praises. Wish my other Consumer calls were so positive. XMisisons model should be copied, thats for sure!

    Im excited to see another Utopia provider. I really like their phone pricing and may switch one of the two connections I have over to SUMO, after seeing their consumer services output and quality of course.

    • You’re certainly welcome to explore the offer of any service provider on UTOPIA, and in fact we at XMission genuinely wish those competing providers well, because our goal is a successful UTOPIA and we believe that success requires multiple providers.

      But if competitor pricing is your primary driver, I’d ask you wait a couple of days to see our upcoming offer. šŸ™‚

      • Michael Van Orman says:

        You have a new UTOPIA / voice offer coming? Or did I miss it?

        • XMission just launched the new campaign today. Our base residential service is now 50/50 Mbps, which we sell for $35 plus a direct UTOPIA network fee of $7 for most existing UTOPIA service subscribers,($42 total) or $25 UIA fee for new subscribers or subscribers already committed to the UIA ($60 total).

          We also lowered our phone price to $25.

          To put that in real world examples, ex-Primetime subscribers that are not currently committed to the UIA that transfer to XMission would qualify for 50 Mbps Internet with unlimited phone for a total, non-promotional price of $60/mo.

          We’re even tossing in a month or two free Internet service, depending on which package you’re buying.

          I know that Jesse doesn’t mean for FreeUTOPIA to be an advertising service, so he’s welcome to delete this if he feels it inappropriate, even though I’m posting largely in response to a requested rate. I do feel badly posting it in a thread announcing a new service provider on UTOPIA, but there’s not really a better place.

          • James says:

            how much is xmission for 100meg? I have sumo for $60 including phone and they don’t charge an extra $7. let me know if your cheaper.

  7. u235sentinel says:

    Wish I could take advantage of those Xmission services over UTOPIA. I’m at the point where I’ve been forced to drop Xmission and switch over to CenturyLink. Been using them now for a couple months and so far it went smoothly.

    I can say that one day when we find ourselves in a UTOPIA connected home that we’re dropping CenturyLink and switching back to Xmission. Been with them off and on for many years and have no complaints about the service, speed or communication. I’ll miss having the email notifications when there was a problem, why and what they did to fix it or are fixing it.

    Customer service is very important to me. Another reason I won’t go back to Concast. They won the golden poop from Consumerist recently. Couldn’t happen to a better company

    Xmission I miss you already šŸ™‚

  8. roger says:

    what happened to mstar?

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