2 Responses to Broadband Bytes for 2011-12-03

  1. Dan Stuart says:

    When will Howard Stephenson & his cronies
    be exposed for the fraud they are? Utah Taxpayers
    is a front for US West/Century Link & Comcast.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Their may be a list of moral and ethical problems with the UTA and Howard Stephenson’s role within it, But it is all legal in Utah. We are the only State where this is the case, Utah has no conflict of interest laws for sitting politicians what so ever.

    And its not like anything is being hidden either, their upfront about it. Sadly the perplexity of a sitting legislator being a paid lobbyest at the same time seems to not phase enough people for it to be a major issue.

    This is partly linked to the fact that Utah has a “part time” legislature. Their allowed to work and receive pay outside of their legislative work and writing limits to the scope of that would be difficult and likely riddled with holes. And moving to a full time legislature is unlikely to happen, the republicans openly mock the idea(and I am not sure why would lead to better government… ohh wait nm I get it….*wink*), but then again on the other hand we don’t get Howard Stephenson up their legislating any more then he already does.

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