Layton holding additional public meetings on UTOPIA and Macquarie

LaytoncitylogoIf you still have questions about UTOPIA and Macquarie, Layton wants to make sure you get some answers. Per a letter they sent to residents, they’re holding two public meetings next week.

The meetings are as follows:

  • Tuesday July 15, 6:30PM @ Layton High School Auditorium, 440 N Wasatch Dr
  • Wednesday July 16, 6:30PM @ Northridge High School Auditorium, 2430 N Hillfield Rd
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5 Responses to Layton holding additional public meetings on UTOPIA and Macquarie

  1. Ronald D. Hunt says:

    Finely get a change to comment, I went to both meetings.

    It was surprisingly positive, both meetings, in fact. Plenty of ovations where given to both pro and anti utopia comments. And shockingly support for Utopia came from the elderly population as well, incumbent services to many of the retirement communities is very poor in Layton as it turns out, CenturyLink may be violating universal service requirements in some places.

    Everyone hates Century Link, even those against Utopia at the meeting universally considered Century Link to be a sad joke.

    No one liked the utility fee, But I think for most(not all) concerns were relieved by the basic (3/3, 20gig “soft” cap) internet and included phone service. Following West Valley on the phone service I think has really made a big difference for support of this thing.

    Anyone who carries a larger package of services or runs a small business sees the benefits right away, the rates charged by the incumbents are absurd, if you can even get service. There are still area’s of Layton stuck on dialup.

    • Greg says:

      This is great information. This is what happens when details are explained. The deal is actually really good, and it will really solidify Utah as a place to go if you are a heavily digital business (and even if you aren’t).

      Is it just me, or does everyone have to slide the, “post comment” lock?

    • Doug Payne says:

      I soooo wanted to go to these meetings, but I was with my son down in vegas watching the jazz in summer league…

      So my question is… does it look for implementation?? Think it will fly??

      So tired of the cost with the incumbents…and i think there has been a hiccup of service latly…(could be router issues) but i cant pin it down.

      • Jesse says:

        Layton really wants it to work. That’s evidenced by their work on a general opt-out provision. The real question is if enough people don’t take that option and do take premium services to keep that feasible.

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