Broadband Bytes for 2015-06-26

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5 Responses to Broadband Bytes for 2015-06-26

  1. Sam Allen says:

    An update on where the Macquarie deal is at? Seems there was the push to get cities to sign up but no word after that first step. Is Macquarie still running numbers to see if it still works with those who agreed to participate?

  2. Sam Allen says:

    Do you know what sunk the deal? Lack of participation by all cities? something else?

    • Jesse says:

      No idea what’s pushing to be a year late. My gut is that the costs ended up being too high to be palatable with other cities backing out.

      • Greg says:

        Midvale has a bunch of roads torn up for new pipelines to be installed. I wish they would have taken that opportunity to lay some fiber. I have a feeling I’ll have to move (again) if I want to see fiber internet at my house. Comcast bill just went up to $80/mo.

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