2 Responses to Broadband Bytes for 2017-12-29

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve been a long time reader (and posted a few times). I have an opportunity to advocate for my neighborhood to get fiber to some areas that should have been eligible for a while. I got UTOPIA to commit to running lines to nearly 70 homes, with a 20 home commitment. Do you have any advice, or suggestions on the best way to approach this? There are a lot of younger couples moving in, and I think the net neutrality thing has everyone scared (which I don’t mind using to my advantage, because fiber is significantly better), but I don’t want to deceive people with false information. I believe that the utopia marketing team may send me some stuff to help, but I’d like to get started before that. Any advice would be great, and I know you always have a well-informed idea of what is going on around this topic.

    • Greg says:

      As a self-reply I just went door to door and asked. The first 20 people I talked to signed it. They all want UTOPIA, which is a huge change in how it was viewed even 18 months ago.

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