Open Fiber Network Hit Cedar City, But It's Missing a Lot

Utah-based InterLinx Communications is open for business in Cedar City with a shiny all-fiber network open to any provider, but the devil is in the details. The article claims service will be available to all homes and businesses “in its boundaries”, but it’s not entirely clear what those boundaries are or what kind of installation costs will be associated with it. InterLinx received $1.6M from the city and state for their deployment, so it isn’t an entirely private affair either.

A glance of the provider list from their web page shows a bunch of commercial service providers. The one residential provider resells VoIP and Dish, so there are no true triple-play providers. I’m going to make a bet that they plan to serve primarily office parks and provide an alternative to Qwest’s wholesale transport with homes being an afterthought with high install fees. This isn’t as impressive as The Spectrum made it out to be. UTOPIA still has plenty of opportunity in the city.