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A Thousand Posts and Eight Years

success_kidNine hundred ninety-nine posts and almost eight years ago, I wrote my first blog post for Free UTOPIA in frustration that the island of unincorporated county in which I lived would likely never see the service. What started as something extremely self-serving (me first, you know) has turned into something, well, bigger than I expected. Reporters started calling me for interviews. I showed up at legislative hearings. I even whipped up an unruly mob or two when bad legislation was proposed. Last month I hit over 21K pageviews from reporting on the Macquarie deal.

So I have to say thanks to you, the readers, who’ve been showing up for far longer than I initially thought I’d be doing this, especially those of you who have been around since almost the beginning. I’m not done until we have open-access fiber in the whole state, so I’ll be around for a while. I hope you will be too.