MSTAR Ranked Better than Qwest

A poll by Utah Valley Magazine is in, and MSTAR, one of the providers on both UTOPIA and iProvo, beat our Qwest for second-best Internet provider in Utah County. They also came very close to edging out Comcast for first place. This is significant since MSTAR only has service in 7% of surveyed households compared to virtually all households in the cases of both Comcast and Qwest. Could this be a big reason why these two are running scared over municipal fiber projects?

(See press release.)

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One Response to MSTAR Ranked Better than Qwest

  1. Chuck says:

    You really think it’s news that Qwest didn’t fair so well? Anyone that knows anything about ISPs knows they promote MSN and host of other ISPs including Mstar, which is an ISP that you can get with Qwest DSL. Someone is totally missing it here. Mstar has more access to customers than Qwest since Qwest isn’t an ISP on the UTOPIA or iProvo networks.

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