Comcast Showing Huge Subscriber Growth, Raises Rates Anyway

Comcast recently posted an 80% increase in quarterly revenue on strong growth of triple-play services and reduced customer churn. This might also have something to do with jacking up my basic digital TV service by about $6 a month. The article also makes no mention of the bad PR they've gotten from cutting off Internet users who "use too much bandwidth" without telling them how much is "too much" or how much they've been using. Rumor has it that if you call in and threaten to cancel or downgrade services, they'll actually give you a big discount, sometimes as much as 25%. Still, I'd be much happier lowering my rates by switching to UTOPIA and saving about $30 a month.

(See full article here. Hat tip to The Consumerist for information on making Comcast give you a discount. More on Comcast shutting off high-bandwidth users found here.)

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