Comcast Pulling Bait-and-Switch on HDTV, Phone Users

Comcast is pulling fast ones with customer again, this time by making them subscribe to more service than they need. Users in the Bay Area are being told that they will be forced to migrate from $16.50/mo plans to a new $44.95/mo plan starting in just a few months. This is contrary to what they had been told up until this point.

Another Bay Area Comcast subscriber is enraged because her HD channels were taken away from her unless she subscribed to a significantly more costly tier of programming. This came without any warning whatsoever and took several phone calls to get sorted out. The end result? They wanted to grab an extra $50/mo for her to retain the level of service she'd had for two years. Of course you can't do anything when they've got you over a barrel like that. What're you gonna do? Switch to Dish?

(See full articles here and here.) 

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