AT&T Using Piracy as an Excuse to Bypass Net Neutrality

In a move filled with more spin than a merry-go-round testing facility, AT&T has claimed that it has the right to restrict or block certain kinds of traffic in an effort to curb online piracy. This has a huge potential effect since AT&T controls most major markets in over 30 states after gobbling up SBC and BellSouth. Not only is network neutrality up in the air, but they also risk losing common carrier status and safe harbor protections, opening them up to lawsuits and liability the likes of which a telecom provider has never seen.

If AT&T gets sued into bankruptcy, we risk putting half of the nation's phone lines at risk of financial ruin. Indeed, it appears to be willing to bet the whole farm on being able to charge all kinds of extra fees for using their "tubes" in any way you wish. Apparently Ed left a lot of crazy behind when he was replaced as CEO.

(See full article here.) 

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