FTC Excuses Itself from the Net Neutrality Debate

In a move that sounded a lot like a collective "not my job, not my problem," the FTC decided to downplay network neutrality concerns and get itself onto solid, er, neutral ground. In a recently released report, the FTC chose to take no position on network neutrality and downplayed it as not really being all that important. In the process, they urged legislators to move with caution on the issue. Even though this doesn't outright cave in to the wants of the telcos, they'd all prefer the status quo of ambiguity so they can quietly start enacting their own two-tier Internet and deny they're up to anything.

Users of UTOPIA and iProvo, however, have little to fear. Both systems have built-in network neutrality requirements for all providers, so you're not going to face the possibility of having to pay for some kind of "premium" tier to get your BitTorrent on.

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