Telecom Analysts Produce Loud "Duh", Say Better Broadband Stats Needed

I usually find it amusing when so-called "experts" tell us something that's really pretty obvious. In this case, they're criticizing the FCC's pathetic excuse for broadband stats. What are they telling us that we didn't already know? That stats by ZIP code are way too broad and don't paint an accurate picture of availability and that the number of providers is often drastically over-reported.

This follows a survey from the Communications Workers of America showing that the nation's fastest state, Rhode Island, can't compete with high-speed offerings in Japan, Korea or Canada (eh?) despite what seems like a brisk average speed of 5Mbps. (Canada, for comparison, averages over 7Mbps.) Trailing the pack is West Virginia with a dog-slow 1.12Mbps average, not even enough to match a T1 line.

(See full articles here and here.) 

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