Breaking: DynamicCity Purchased By PacketFront!

Holy didn't see this coming. Swedish company PacketFront announced that they've bought out DynamicCity, the chief contractor on the UTOPIA project. Since both are private companies, the purchase price has not been disclosed. The press release states that the Lindon office will remain the head of operations while sales and management will be based in Denver.

So what does this mean for UTOPIA? It's hard to tell from the press release hyperbole, though PacketFront seems to have a solid track record of successful projects and brings a much larger organization to the table. This might help speed up deployments in current UTOPIA cities as well as provide a smoother transition for new cities in the future. It could also spell even more service providers on the network, something that benefits everyone. This might explain why they're been MIA lately when I send e-mails.

I'll assume a default stance of semi-cautiously optimistic on this deal until it plays out a little further. 

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