Comcast Skewers Net Neutrality By Throttling Torrents

I guess Comcast figured that no explicit requirement for net neutrality was just an open invitation. The word on the street is that Comcast has now started breaking the ability to share torrent files outside of other Comcast users and seriously throttles your download speed when trying to grab a torrent. The cable giant has, naturally, gone into denial mode to CNet. Given their storied history of denials, I'm disinclined to believe the corporate spinmeister. This opens up a great marketing opportunity for Copowi, an ISP dedicated to offering Internet connections with the cost of guaranteed net neutrality built right in. (Yes, they're available in Utah.)

I'd imagine this has a bit to do with the reported bandwidth crunch facing all cable operators, something that will result in even more degradation on your TV and slower speeds for that "high-speed" Internet access. While Comcast has decided to use heavy-handed ways to cut usage, companies like Time Warner are going to pretend the problem doesn't exist and hype up their expanded video-on-demand services. I suppose it's just to hard to actually build a network that can handle the load when you're so busy counting those fat sacks full of cash money.

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