Farmington Nixes Pledging Status, Tables a Vote

Farmington's City Council decided last Tuesday to take pledging status off the table and delay a vote on joining UTOPIA until a future meeting. The decision to move from pledging to non-pledging was motivated by risk tolerance; the council just doesn't feel comfortable with being on the hook in the rare instance that UTOPIA can't make the bond payments. The next city council meeting will be held on September 18 though it's not clear if the final UTOPIA vote will be a part of that meeting as the agenda has yet to be posted. Farmington residents, this is the last call for UTOPIA membership!

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2 Responses to Farmington Nixes Pledging Status, Tables a Vote

  1. dbl says:

    i know this is old, just wondering if anything ever happened in the Sep 18th meeting and where Farmington left off on it. I recently moved to Farmington (wouldn’t mind laying some roots here) and was wondering what the latest was on their membership. Especially since they recently started construction on a HUGE shopping mall (supposed to rival the Gateway) near the front runner stop. tons of businesses could take advantage of it out there. and with the dmv, prison, county seat, lagoon, they all seem like organisations that could take advantage.

  2. Jesse says:

    About the only way to tell for sure would probably be to contact your member of the city council and ask. A search of their site using Google shows no discussion since that vote nearly 20 months ago.

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