Industry Groups Could Be Astroturfing A La Carte Cable

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin thinks something is rotten in the state of cable television. In fact, he suspects industry groups are trying to astroturf opposition to a la carte pricing as a way to try and sway public opinion. Martin is a vocal supporter of a la carte cable television, allowing you to buy and pay for just the channels you want. Congress has been sitting on a bill authorizing the FCC to enforce a la carte pricing since June.

A lawyer in LA got tired of waiting. Maxwell Belcher decided to file a class-action anti-trust suit against cable giants alleging unlawful restraint of trade by forcing us to buy bundles we didn't actually want. The goal is to force the end of the bundle of 85 channels (of which only 16 on average get watched) to drop pricing for all cable TV users. Go get 'em, tiger.

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