American Fork Moves Closer to Selling It's Fiber Optic System

The American Fork city council voted to extend the amount of time that Surpha, an Orem-based company, will have to enter into a contract to purchase the ailing AFCNet fiber optic network from the city. They now have until the end of October to buy the system or back out. There's no word on the purchase price, though I'm betting it'll be unlikely that the city will get back the entire $6M they bonded for to buy the network in the first place. The sale includes 60 miles of fiber including strands running from Spanish Fork to Salt Lake City. Surpha has a history doing business-to-business products and wants to buy out AFCNet to expand into residential services. Really, I think almost anything can be an improvement over the way that the city has handled it.

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2 Responses to American Fork Moves Closer to Selling It's Fiber Optic System

  1. Andy says:

    Amerikan Fork!!! I hope the fiber Optik System Surpha is buying now.
    I think with Surpha will be running the Optik System in a perfekt network ,and every body and firm gets more pleasure .
    The time is comming to the future of Surpha.

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