iProvo Has Strong Growth Potential For Corporate Clients

Every now and again the local papers will drop a few pieces of useful information amidst the negativity concerning iProvo. In between sound bites from Councilmen George Stewart and Steve Turley, we get some real information about take rates. Apartment dwellers are the strongest adopters at a 51.5% take rate, probably because they're forced to shop for new service providers when they move into town. Residential trails at a 22.3% take rate, likely due to inertia with incumbent providers. Businesses are the slowest adopters at a scant 13.4% take rate though they are also the most profitable accounts to have.

iProvo hopes to shake this up by adding up to three new service providers Real Soon Now™ and it can't come a moment too soon. I firmly believe that the low take rates for businesses has a lot to do with the primarily residential providers currently on the network. By adding in Xmission, Fibernet and Emery Telecom, all companies with established reputations as high-grade ISPs, I'm confident that more businesses will want to join the network to save a ton of money and pump up their speeds. Despite constant negativity from local media, iProvo is getting back on track.

(See Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News articles for more information.) 

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