UTOPIA Supporters: Woods Cross Needs Our Help!

Woods Cross is currently on the fence about whether or not to join UTOPIA. They've decided to hold an open workshop to discuss membership and we need as many knowledgeable UTOPIA supporters as possible to be there! The meeting will be held Tuesday October 16th at 8PM at 1555 S 800 W in Woods Cross (map). Representatives from UTOPIA, Qwest and Comcast will all be there. It's especially important that supporters from Woods Cross appear to make their voices heard more loudly that they want UTOPIA and they want it now!

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2 Responses to UTOPIA Supporters: Woods Cross Needs Our Help!

  1. Brian Bybee says:

    I will be there! But Please help do the same for Ogden. Even if you do not help get UTOPIA in Ogden please let me know what i can do or who i can contact to help this project.

  2. Jesse says:

    That got me off my butt so I’d write a How To for bringing UTOPIA to your city. It should contain most of what I sent you in e-mail earlier.

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