Past Due: Have Veracity and MSTAR Not Paid Their iProvo Bills?

It looks like another storm is brewing for iProvo and finances are the question once again. This time the anger is being vented at the providers on the network, Veracity/Nuvont and MSTAR, who are allegedly behind by almost $1M on their bills to the city. The state auditor is acting on an anonymous tip and has requested that the city forward three years worth of financial records and 6 months worth of recordings from closed-door meetings, the latter of which is a highly irregular request.

The city says that the matter is a difference of opinion on when bills should be paid. According to Mayor Billings, there's no payment issues beyond that. Veracity has also stated that they are no more than 30 days past due at the very most on any bill and that amount wouldn't come close to a cool million. 

One commenter at the Deseret Morning News noted that the timing of such an anonymous tip, so close to the obviously misleading Tribune articles on UTOPIA's finances, almost seems orchestrated. I wouldn't put it past Qwest to stoop to such a level.

Read more in the Tribune and DMN

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