An employee of UEN, Utah's education television network, is working to try and put together a pitch for KUER's UtahNOW public affairs program to talk about UTOPIA and has asked for our help on putting it together. Cruise on over to the open wiki article he's started to help flesh out the arguments so we can get some increased media exposure for the project. It's a bit of a harder sell to the programming directors since UTOPIA is a local solution to a national problem, but I'm sure some of you can contribute something to it.

UPDATE: The point is to sell them on it being a worthwhile story, not necessarily on the merits or demerits of the project.

And speaking of wikis, John Havey has been doing a great job at fleshing out WikTOPIA, our own wiki for tracking information on UTOPIA. If you've already registered an account, it's been approved and you can start adding to it at any time. The more of us that work on it, the better. 

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