XMission Now Offering VoIP on UTOPIA

Watch your back, Qwest: XMission is getting in on the booming VoIP market. At $35/mo, it's comparable in price to the similar digital phone service from Comcast but without the poor customer service; the service is also a substantial discount compared to a similar offering from Qwest. It will also include a lot of advanced features, such as selective call forwarding and selective call blocking, traditionally only seen through services like GrandCentral. From the sounds of things, the service also supports using SIP, though it does not currently have support for fax machines.

Given XMission's history of technical excellence and solid product offerings, it will be a major boon to have them as a phone provider on UTOPIA.

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6 Responses to XMission Now Offering VoIP on UTOPIA

  1. Haw, Jesse scooped us!

    Two additional points — the $35 is a flat fee. It includes any and all taxes and fees, inter- and intrastate Long Distance and unlimited minutes. USF, sales tax, excise, all included.

    And second, yes we’re taking pre-orders (and turning up those that are anxious) but the two features you mentioned here are not 100% yet. They are available, but until we have finished some software coding on our end, they require tech intervention. This will soon be in the control of the end subscriber.

    Warren Woodward
    XMission Internet

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    I notice the Voice page only mentions Utopia customers. What about DSL?

  3. Warren Woodward says:

    DSL early this summer. We’re technically able to support it right now, but the product has additional demands that are still being worked on.

  4. Paul says:

    Way to go Xmission — I can’t wait until it’s available to me!

  5. Dave says:

    How do you guys like the quality of xmission voip?

  6. Mike Taylor says:

    They put their VOIP on hold temporarily, I don’t think they are doing new installs, but keep checking on it on their main page. They’ll add it there I’m sure once they get service back.

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