BREAKING: Centerville Says Yes by 3-2 Vote

Just moments ago, Centerville's City Council voted 3-2 to approve the new UTOPIA bonds, coming down to a "lesser of two evils" yes vote from Council Member Justin Allen, the swing vote on the council. The vote comes with conditions that Centerville reserves the right to reconsider based on how the remaining three cities vote, that UTOPIA find new executives and that UTOPIA present all contracts to the board before moving forward. All amendments were proposed by Paul Cutler, member of the Council and UTOPIA's board.

This now leaves only three cities, Brigham City, Orem and Murray, to cast votes on the issue. I encourage anyone in favor of UTOPIA to contact the council members to voice support leading up to these meetings. 

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One Response to BREAKING: Centerville Says Yes by 3-2 Vote

  1. luminous says:

    glad to here that. barring any major differences in the current trend on the utopia rebonding i think it will all go through. After learning about the RUS loans, i really feel that utopia got mugged by the USDA. if they would have rolled the USDA loans into the original bonds in the first place they probly would have more of the network finished and be in a better place today, hindsight is 20/20 i suppose.

    I will be in cedar city over the weekend but will still be checking for more updates when i can =).

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