Updated UTOPIA Meeting Schedule: Orem, Payson, Brigham City, Centerville

I've received updated meeting times for the rescheduled UTOPIA meetings as follows:

  • Brigham City: Thursday May 1 at 7PM
  • Centerville: Tuesday April 29 at 7PM
  • Murray: Monday May 5 at 6:30PM
  • Orem: Friday May 2 at 9AM
  • Payson: No re-vote

The addresses should be the same as the prior meetings and can be located on the sidebar. Payson has decided to not reconsider approving the new bonds for UTOPIA and will likely start paying from its pledges on the original bond arrangement. All other hearings will not be accepting any further public comment since they've already had significant public input. I'd encourage you to attempt to make as many of these meetings as you can and take the time to write to city council members.

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