BREAKING: Orem Approves New UTOPIA Bonds By Unanimous Vote

After almost 2 hours of discussion and questions, the Orem City Council voted 6-0 to approve the new UTOPIA bonds and move forward with the new plan for the network. This leaves Murray as the last city to vote on the issue and all signs there point to yes. With only Payson refusing to sign off, this means that the new bonds will likely go through as originally envisioned and the RUS cities could be on the network in as little as 8 weeks after the financing comes through.

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3 Responses to BREAKING: Orem Approves New UTOPIA Bonds By Unanimous Vote

  1. Jason says:

    This is great news, I am excited to hear that Orem voted in favor. Now go get building UTOPIA and make it work!

  2. Richard says:

    So if Orem approved the bond, when will construction begin in new areas? Where can the plan, project schedule be seen for completion? I’m tired of paying double for 1/5 the speed available from Comcast vs utopia.

  3. Jesse says:

    There’s the $64 question. I had gathered during the hearings that the new financing would be done by the end of June with construction to pick back up in August. The RUS cities are supposed to be completed by late October with some more construction coming to Orem after that. It’s unknown where they plan to build, but I’ve gathered it’s not quite enough to cover the whole city. Probably the best thing to do at this point is come to the U-CAN meeting on Saturday and talk to your city’s representative to the UTOPIA board.

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