Meetings on iProvo: Make Your Voice Heard!

There's going to be a large number of meetings on iProvo popping up over the next two weeks for you to ask questions and voice your concerns. Here's the schedule:

  • Monday May 12 from 4-6PM: Open house at the iProvo Network Operations Center, 744 N. 300 West. Rumor has it representatives from Broadweave will also be there.
  • Tuesday May 13 at 7AM: iProvo Review Committee Meeting, 351 W. Center St. They didn't allow public comment last time and may not feel a need to do so this time either, but they are highly informative.
  • Tuesday May 13 at 5:30PM: Municipal Council Study Session on iProvo, 351 W. Center St. This meeting will likely accept public comment.
  • Tuesday May 20 at 7PM: Municipal Council Meeting, 351 W. Center St. The council will likely take a vote on the impending sale to Broadweave.

I'll try to make as many of these meetings as I can to make sure the opposition is heard. Make sure you get friends and neighbors to show up to these and contact members of the council and the mayor to voice your opinion.

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