Broadweave CEO Steve Christensen Got Exclusive Contract in Traverse Mountain From His Father

This kind of news is almost too good to report. After being tipped off by an anonymous source, I did a bit of digging as to who owns Traverse Mountain. Turns out that it's a Mr. Stephen Christensen, an uncle of Broadweave CEO Steve Christensen. In short, it appears that Broadweave's sole development project is the result of an inside family deal, not any kind of business acumen. This should raise a lot more questions about the viability of this provider.

It's also reported that the supposed development in Washington County that has a video head-end doesn't have an appropriate video franchise to operate it. Combined with the lack of video in Traverse Ridge, we should be asking if Provo is best served by an exclusive provider with zero video experience. Survey says "not bloody likely".

The stink on this one grows every day.

UPDATE: According to this article copied from the Deseret News, they are actually father and son. Still shady; title has been fixed.

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