Broadweave Did Not Exist Prior to 2003, Website Claims First Contract in 1999

I received a response from the Utah Division of Corporations regarding the original filing for Broadweave Networks and Lucy, they've got some 'splaining to do. According to the original filing, the company did not file articles of incorporation until June 4, 2003. (See original document.) Their website, however, indicates that the company obtained their first contract in 1999. (Link to website, screenshot in case they change it.) How can a company that doesn't exist have functioning contracts?

It's amazing that Provo's brand of "due diligence" doesn't disclose these kinds of irregularities.

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11 Responses to Broadweave Did Not Exist Prior to 2003, Website Claims First Contract in 1999

  1. Might want to look into a company called “Tractus”.

  2. Jesse says:

    I see some old corporation filings for Tractus for Steve Christensen, though there’s precious little else out there. Both filings show them as in the “data processing” business, whatever that might mean. Maybe it’s Steve’s time working for NuSkin and Big Planet?

  3. Jesse says:

    It’s also worth noting that the corporation filings for Tractus expired from 1-2 years before Broadweave was founded.

  4. squash says:

    As you yourself noted, the Travers contract was a family deal. It is common for developments of this size to take several years getting off the ground. So it is perfectly logical for them to have a contract, but not actually any customers for this long.

    Besides, look what they were trying to do. Broadweave says they were the first provider in the country to provide primary line voice over a single fiber connection. No copper in the ground at all. That kind of setup takes a lot of planning, and I am glad they didn’t jump into it without thinking it through.

  5. Jesse says:

    squash: But how can a company that doesn’t exist have a contract? That’s the sticking point.

  6. squash says:

    Boy you are really stuck on this doesn’t “exist” thing… Just because they weren’t incorporated doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And besides, could have been the initial company Tractus that eventually evolved into Broadweave.

  7. string cheez says:

    I almost fell off my chair laughing at this one..!!!

    …….once again I reiterate:

    I am just curious as to why any of you are giving this Jesse the time of day. Everyone becomes a genius on the web.

    He has:
    zero knowledge about business transactions, zero history in owning a business,
    zero knowledge about fiber to the home,
    zero knowledge about private investigating
    zero knowledge about news reporting
    zero knowledge of ISP business related items zero knowledge about how to run a company
    zero knowledge about how to grow a business,
    zero friends like Sorensen Capital
    zero knowledge about corporate interactions
    zero credentials for critiquing guys like Fraser Bullock
    zero credentials for critiquing anything of technical benefit
    zero educational and institutional knowledge
    and worst of all an A+ *cough* certification

    Get yourselves in check for heavens sake! and let this guy continue to rule at World of Warcraft, not try to Google his way into subjects of business matters.

  8. Tom says:


    Yes I can see it is nitpicking. But on the other side. If they are not telling the truth about this little item what else is out there?

    My bet is that once traverse mountain started Dad told Son he had the telecomunications portion. So that is 1999. Steve doesn’t have to do jack until a few years later until closer to actually building stuff. So he doesn’t incorporate until then. But he had the deal from Dad in 1999 so thats when they started. 5 minute conversation. (The deal is yours) and then a few years later… Oh guess we better create a company now…

    So yeah started in 1999 and did a lot of hard work (not!) until recently.

    Yeah totally guessing on the above.. So who knows.

    End decision. If the city was really interesting in doing the right thing for their constituents they would publish a real RFP for the sale of the network and get everyone bidding. But apparently that will not happen.

    Best plan on finding another service provider at my companies office in Provo. Currently have Veracity service w/ Qwest backup.

  9. gotcha says:

    string cheez, SC, or Steve Christensen —

    Jesse knows he needs a business license to legally operate a business. I’d say he’s one up on you.

    Jesse knows a lot of other things too…

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