Reminder: iProvo and AFCNet Meetings on Tuesday

Just a friendly reminder that Provo will be entertaining the motions to sell iProvo at a municipal council meeting on Tuesday the 3rd. The meeting will be starting at 5:30PM instead of the normal 7PM (h/t: Gary Thornock) and will include a lot of other business items as well. It's possible that they will vote at this meeting, but I'm betting they punt for the time being to take more time to evaluate the deal. I expect the hearing to last a VERY long time, just like the last one.

American Fork will also entertain a final motion to sell AFCNet to Orem-based Surpha, a company that I know precious little about. Given that the city has experience with Surpha as an ISP and it has been negotiated largely in the open for months now, I'm guessing the vote is just a formality. That meeting is also on Tuesday the 3rd, but at 7PM.

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