Broadweave's Doubletalk on Project Sizes

If you're going to inflate your company size, it's best not to leave evidence to the contrary. Broadweave claimed in a press release that the Traverse Mountain community encompasses over 8,000 homes, yet an interview between KSL Radio and Steve Christensen of Traverse Mountain shows the project to be more along the scale of 3,500 homes. This isn't the only instance either. Broadweave claimed before Provo's Municipal Council on Tuesday May 27 that the Sienna Hills area in Washington City would provide them access to over 20,000 residences, yet the entire utility easement encompasses only 740 acres. Unless the developer is looking at cramming more than 27 residences into each acre, the claim is simply absurd. Maybe they're already counting unpromised future contracts in that total. Didn't other companies already try that one?

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