iProvo Sale Approved

By a slim 4-3 margin, Provo's Municipal Council approved the sale of iProvo to Broadweave with Sherrie Hall Everett, Steve Turley and Cindy Clark voting against the deal. Now the ball is in Broadweave's court: perform or your name is mud. This puts Provo citizens in a tough bind. If Broadweave fails to meet its financial obligations (which I very much anticipate), the city and its residents get back a network with no providers and may have to pay to buy back the video head-end and any upgrades done. On the flip side, a lack of municipal ownership means citizens aren't as invested in the success of iProvo.

Best of luck to you Broadweave, but few of us regular Joes think you can do it.

(Read more from the Deseret News and Tribune.)

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5 Responses to iProvo Sale Approved

  1. Skippy says:

    I second that, the average Joes are watching and waiting to see if you can really pull this off.

  2. Jim O'Neal says:

    First, Jessie and the readers of these posts are not average Joes, far from it.
    Jessie had these people pegged from the start.
    I don’t think this thing is over. From my research, this deal isn’t completely legal and could be contested in a lawsuit, not by me,but possibly by one of the other big players.It’s in the Utah Code, I offered to read it to the council at the last meeting but they didn’t want to hear it. Now let them find it themselves (or Broadweave, Comcast, etc.)

  3. luminous says:

    only player that might have a legal position to sue and i don’t think they will is the federal government sense iprovo used funds intended to build a network for controlling the street lights for air quality.

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