Mstar, DynamicCity Were Also Bidding for iProvo

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that city records show that Mstar and DynamicCity, the network management company for UTOPIA, also put in bids to either manage or run the city’s fiber optic network. A fourth company also reportedly made a bid, but their name is being kept secret by the city. DynamicCity President Cory Turner (who I know and who wasn’t president of DynamicCity at the time) said that the bid to operate the network was a long-shot at best. That proposal was put together by D. Keith Wilson.

Mstar’s involvement in the process, however, is rumored to be very different from how it is portrayed in this article. Word on the street is that once they caught wind of the sale and were denied based on their account being in arrears, they quickly made a deal with Broadweave to sell the customer list and have their debt forgiven. The rumor mill says that Broadweave then double-crossed Mstar when board member Fraser Bullock threatened to pull business from the law firm that employed Mstar’s principal investor and demanded payment to settle the matter.

The major dailies reportedly are all aware of these shenanigans but have gotten a lot of pressure to keep it all under wraps. I’m privvy to only the surface details of the matter, but any current or former Mstar employees who’d like to fill in the gaps is invited to call or e-mail me.

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3 Responses to Mstar, DynamicCity Were Also Bidding for iProvo

  1. SirTomster says:

    Hell that was a press release for someone to cover his ass.

    See other people replied to the RFP so it wasn’t rigged. Not that it appears anyone else submitted a PURCHASE Proposal but instead submitted a proposal based on the what the rest of the RFP said (maybe minus that one itty bitty sentence)

    So yeah. Just a press release pretending to be a news story to cover someone’s ass.

    If it was a real news story someone would of asked how many others submitted to PURCHASING the network like Broadweave did vs those that submitted to MANAGING the network as 99% of the RFP probably discussed.

    Game was rigged from the beginning. And if their logic was true about the “saving the network price” why did it take them so long to mention it??? Prolly because they just thought of the excuse.

    Best just ignore this article. To me it seems a joke.

  2. whtz up says:

    so if i wanted to call what the number

  3. whtz up says:

    i know the story

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