3 Responses to Centerville to Vote on RDA Funds for UTOPIA Tonight

  1. paulcutler says:

    My understanding is that there it is not likely that there will be any vote tonight on any funding. I believe there will likely be a discussion on the topic, and a decision to send a letter back to Qwest explaining Centerville’s position on the matter.

  2. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Paul.

  3. Capt. Video says:

    While I cannot offer a valid opinion on if the Qwest complaints are valid or not, I can say “hat’s off to Centerville” for seeing that they should be doing everything possible (legal) to help make UTOPIA successful.

    If I were a UTOPIA city, I would put the fear of god into my citizens by telling them how bad things will be if UTOPIA can’t pay the bond. How they will be paying for the network one way or another. Either as a customer, paying for service or as a taxpayer.

    You may as well get something for your money and sign up with UTOPIA…and do it NOW!!!!

    Provo would do well to try and get their citizens to sign up with Broadweave.

    The real difference between success and failure for these networks is gaining (and keeping) customers. Little else matters.

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