Revolt in Traverse Mountain? New Management May Boot Broadweave

A post at the Traverse Mountain Community Forum reveals that a recent change in mangement with Mountain Home Development Group has the Christensens out of management positions. The new management discussed issues with Broadweave at length including, in the commentor’s summary, the continued lack of video, pricing disparities, poor phone service, poor customer service, and potential contract violations. Residents in the master-planned community are obligated to pay $75/mo for phone and Internet services, but it’s unclear as to what speeds or services are being provided. Many are worried that they signed up for long-term contracts with DirecTV or Dish Network and could be obligated to pay for both services if/when Broadweave rolls out video.

The subtext seems pretty clear: the new management is pretty ticked off at Broadweave and wants them to shape up or ship out. Without the family connection protecting them from enforcing provisions of the contract, Broadweave may be on thin ice.

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18 Responses to Revolt in Traverse Mountain? New Management May Boot Broadweave

  1. Ben Saunders says:

    Surely this is all a misunderstanding, because according to Mayor Billings and Capt. Video, “Broadweave is the creme of the crop of the technical world in Utah”!
    Provo is “so lucky” to have Broadweave managing their $60 million asset. We must all run out and subscribe in order to prolong this sitaution. Broadweave is clearly being unfairly victimized again (Just like they were in Washington city and Provo) and telecommunications is hard so give them a break, dude!

    How long will it be until reality comes home to roost?

    By the way for those who have not heard, the November, December, and January Provo payments were all made from the line of credit surety fund.

  2. Capt. Video says:

    Ben….I am so sick and tired of you putting words into my mouth that I have never spoken.

    Why do you need to be such a stupid asshole?

  3. Jesse says:

    I think I’m going to side with the Capt on this one, Ben. Enough with laying into him. Despite not necessarily agreeing with him, I see no need to attack him for anything.

  4. Capt. Video says:

    I don’t mind taking heat for things I say, but it’s annoying to see a constant (intentional?) mis-statement of my position.

    I’ve made this very clear in the past and have taken great pains (and too many words) to make my position CLEAR.

    Then to see Ben mis-represent my position with complete disregard for the facts drives me nuts.

    What have I ever said that would make you say I believe, “Broadweave is the creme of the crop of the technical world in Utah”! All my comments are recorded here…please point to the one where I even suggest what you claim I said???

    Why can’t you just state YOUR position and focus on defending what you say. Why do you feel compelled to mis-stare MY position?

    Do you not know you are making false statements or just don’t care?

    I do regret calling you an asshole. Again, my parents tried hard to raise me better than that. I’m also sorry for taking this off topic.

  5. Ben Saunders says:

    Capt. Such language… If this came from a real person I would be disturbed.

    Jesse. So be it. If you enjoy his constant spouting of the Broadweave party line then I’ll let it go. I will no longer “mis-stare” his opinion (whatever that is).

  6. Jesse says:

    Ben: I welcome opposing views here. I don’t think Broadweave is, ever was or ever will be a good company. I don’t think the Capt has an opinion of the company itself, just of actions it has taken and the viability of them paying the bond. I disagree with him on a significant number of those issues, but that’s okay. I can acknowledge his points as valid and still think he’s wrong. And I can do it without using straw men, excessive sarcasm or name-calling.

    You also need to check yourself a bit if you really think I’m sticking up for Broadweave. In fact, I’m pretty damned hard on them. I think they got a sweetheart backroom deal and the council was railroaded into making a hasty and unwise decision. There’s been very little good news about Broadweave since then and it only confirms what I thought after doing a few hours of digging on the company and what it’s about. They have some smart engineers and a good system, but the company management, culture, history and financial picture only undermines them.

    The Capt is not a company apologist. I don’t think he’s on their payroll. He still takes them to task for screwing up. (Remember when the program guide kept going down and the VOD server dwindled down to just a handful of options?) He just happens to think that what’s done is done and since Provoans didn’t support the network under city ownership, they’re stuck with the current situation. It’s okay to disagree with that. It’s not okay to be a jerk about it.

  7. Ben Saunders says:

    Stupid asshole? Jerk? Whatever… I can see there is no hope for intelligent discussion here. Have a nice life gentlemen(?)

  8. samiam says:

    I will not be reading any of your comments in the future if all you can do is call others names. That is NOT intelligent discussion.

  9. Ben Saunders says:


    Please note the name caller was not I. I was merely restating the names I have been called. I have never called anyone names here or anywhere. Having said that, please feel free to disregard my comments but you made need to get in line.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Please remember the seal. It was cute.

  11. Robert says:


    We’ve seen this kind of inappropriate behavior from Capt. Video time and and again and have become somewhat accustomed to his lack of class. I am however surprised that you support him calling someone a “stupid ***”. Is this what your great forum has come to? You even piled on with your “jerk” name calling. I don’t think this forum merits my continued attention.

  12. samiam says:


    Sooo sorry. I see I was reading too fast and made a mistake. Please accept my humble apologies.

  13. Capt. Video says:

    I guess I disagree with the “time and again”.

    I believe that one time I ASKED Ben if he was stupid, and once called him an asshole. Both times I made a quick apology.

    Both times Ben was making false statements about my statements or position. I have been repeatedly called “video boy” by Ben before these incidents.

    Interesting how the focus is on my expression and there seems to be little concern (except for Jesse) with the issues of FACT related to Ben’s statements.

    I would be more concerned about a blog that allows that type of behavior (posters making downright false statement) than allowing a lapse of etiquette in replying to those false statements.

    I pledge to not offend the groups sensitivity again. Even if Ben fails to stop making false statements about my position.

  14. Ben Saunders says:


    Yea, yea, you’ve had enough. So have I. I no longer see any value in atempting to head off what I consider spin and propaganda that serves personal agendas on this forum.

    Capt. Video, I would ask if you have the balls to look a man in the eye and call him a “stupid asshole” like you have done here while hiding behind your little pseudonym and your keyboard. I don’t think you do, but if so then all the better. I’ve had enough of your crap and I will not tolerate one thing more. So make sure when you make your statements to me that you understand that there will be consequences.

  15. happy-not-so-happy-valley says:

    I just read through these comments, this blog has turned out to be the funniest thing. Its kind of like how the SL Trib has turned into a mormon bashing site, this has turned into an “ex-employee or ex-affiliates who are identity cloaking and want to be haters site”.

    Who cares if Capt. calls Brother Saunders an A-hole, who cares if he apologizes. Maybe the other 8 network engineers reading the blog, I am guessing. Ben Saunders is an obvious pseudonym as well for someone who likes MMA….wonder who that would be….hmmmm.

    There are going to be anti-Utopians on this site and anti-Broadweaveians on this site. Let them say their peace, they only have 3 places to do it. Here, the Daily Herald, and sltrib. The Internet has gloriously built the alternate-personality-alter-ego-alter-alias character, or better known as an alperalteregaltali person, let them enjoy their virtual lifestyles via Blogs.

    “Can’t we all just get along….” <— on the web that is my quote.

  16. whtz up says:

    need contact info for jesse have news but want to talk to you

  17. David Christensen says:

    I’m a Christensen! Thanks for the name drop on my family and projecting a clandestine and collusive arrangement between Traverse Mountain and Broadweave. Furthermore, the level of professionalism in these responses may best provide an indication as to the character of the people presenting such queries. I hope you all can come to a better understanding of one another.

  18. Nancy says:

    Makes me think twice of looking to live in your area with you two. Bad representation.

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