Nuvont's Not Going Anywhere

I just spoke with a rep from Nuvont who clarified what’s going on with them. The short version is that I got only half the story and Nuvont is doing just fine.

The terminal adapter surplus was from a canceled order, but it was canceled because the product had been ordered but not delivered. Both Nuvont and the supplier came to mututally-agreeable terms to cancel and refund the undelivered shipment. Apparently the supplier then selling the leftovers either didn’t get the story straight or injected some of their own conjecture into the conversation.

Nuvont also said that they have found themselves unable to offer phone service in Tremonton just yet, but they still offer phone service in other markets. The problem is with getting available numbers from Frontier Communications, the local incumbent. This is in addition to Frontier’s refusal to port numbers for existing customers.

So there you have it. Nuvont is doing just fine.

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  2. Aaron Wilcox says:

    I am the Utah Account Manager for Frontier and I just wanted to clarify a couple of items: 1) Nuvont/Veracity has two ISDN PRI’s with us with 1000 numbers & Fuzecore has one ISDN PRI with 200 numbers. So they do have numbers. 2) In regards to porting numbers, before a customer’s telephone number may be ported away, a request to do so must originate with their UTOPIA service provider, and the UTOPIA service provider must have entered into an interconnection agreement with Frontier, an agreement which provides for the mutual exchange of local telephone calls. Frontier will be pleased to negotiate an interconnection agreement with any service provider that has obtained a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity from the Utah Public Service Commission authorizing local telephone service within our Tremonton Exchange. Utah State Statutes require that an incumbent local telephone company like Frontier be notified if a competitor applies for a Certificate to provide public telecommunications services within its serving territory. As of today,Frontier has received no such notification.


  3. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Aaron.

    I’ve heard from several of the providers that they’ve been trying to work with Frontier to get both issues resolved (number allocation and LNP) and have been having a very difficult time. Specifically, they’ve been under the impression that Frontier wasn’t willing to port numbers. I’m glad to hear that’s not the case so long as the paperwork is in order, but it seems odd that an industry vet like Veracity would have difficulty getting their ducks in a row.

  4. Jarrod says:

    Thanks for the follow ups on the Nuvont rumor. I was surprised to read your Wither Nuvont posting as everything I had been hearing is that Nuvont is doing well and pushing ahead on UTOPIA.

    These bits of information from Nuvont and Frontier are the reason this is a great blog for people interested in UTOPIA and iProvo.

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