Wither Nuvont? Canceled Orders, Lost Customers Point to Trouble

Rumors are afoot that Nuvont Communications may be closing shop. My sources tell me that they recently canceled a large order of phone terminal adapters citing to the suppliers that they no longer planned to be in business. Service providers have also reported picking up Nuvont phone customers who claim they were told that Nuvont did not plan to offer phone service any longer. I’ve heard that company principals have denied the rumors, but I haven’t been able to get any specific responses to the evidence that’s popped up. It seems confusing given the press release several weeks ago reaffirming Nuvont as a provider on the network.

Any Nuvont customers have similar experiences? Any Nuvont employees want to clarify what’s going on?

UPDATE: A rep from Nuvont contacted me and set the story straight.

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