SB205 Assigned to Committee

SB205 has been assigned to the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee. There is currently no hearing scheduled during which it could be heard, so keep your eyes on their schedule for changes. It will be critically important that as many of us as possible appear at the hearings to speak our piece and express the strong opposition to the telecom changes.

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  1. u235sentinel says:

    33 prohibits an agency from using tax increment to pay for bonds or other obligations for financing a telecommunications facility;

    We should also prohibit government from building any other infrastructure as well. This should all be built by private companies. At least if you buy into the argument government shouldn’t be building infrastructure.

    I wonder how many airports we would have in this day and age if the government didn’t build airports and lease out space to airlines. We would have how many in Salt Lake?



    We’d have a few with that kind of poor planning.

    And think about how far the Internet has grown around here in the last year.

    In the last 3 years, what improvement have we really seen?

    More people can get the slow 1.5 DSL connection yes and Concast is rolling out DOCSIS 3. In very limited area’s btw.

    Now how about the rest of the world?

    Australia building out 100 Megs to all homes by the end of 2010

    Korea building out Gig fiber by end of 2012.

    Europe building out 100 Megs to all homes by end of 2010

    America, 1.5 – 2.0 Meg by end of this year.

    That’s progress?

    Fire our politicians as they are dumbasses to think this is progress.

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