Prime Time Communications to Buy Out Mstar

After months of rumors that Mstar has been looking to be acquired, it looks like Prime Time Communications, the newest provider, is the suitor. This gives Prime Time an instant customer base on UTOPIA and strengthens Mstar’s position as a triple-play provider. It comes at a cost, however. Now that Prime Time is the only triple-play provider, it means we’ll have to wait for UTOPIA’s wholesale video product, rumored to be ready next month, to see triple-play competition. I hope this means we’ll see rapid customer additions instead of the steadily eroding customer base that was Mstar’s hallmark for the last year.

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4 Responses to Prime Time Communications to Buy Out Mstar

  1. Capt. Video says:

    I heard UTOPIA has asked Broadweave for a headend extension that would extend until May just to be on the safe side.

    I would also suggest any set top box change out will not be a fast, easy job. I’m managed many STB changes and they are never fast and easy…lol (Assuming the new headend in MPEG4 and required a box change.)

    At least it’s a small number of subs.

  2. FGF says:

    It appears Prime Time picked up a few former Zoomy communities. I was wondering what was going to happen to them.

  3. oBadWan says:

    I am an MStar Customer (TV & Internet). New company has already scheduled my Set Top Box change out for April 30th. Will postback to let everyone know how it goes…

  4. Eric says:

    I used to work at Mstar! Crazy how things change.

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